There’s Nothing Special About Leaders

“Leader” is not a special title given to you.

It’s not something you get to be one day when the time is right.

Leaders are simply problem solvers.

They see a problem and they decide to change it. Then they motivate people around them to solve it with them.

When people complain about not having the opportunity to lead, it’s an indication that they don’t actually want to lead.

If they’re complaining about a problem instead of doing something to solve it, then why would they want to be in a position where their job is to solve problems every day?

If you’re complaining about not being a leader, that’s why you’re not a leader.

Leaders understand that complaining wastes time, so they get right to solving the problem.

If you want to lead, the process is simple:

Step out in front of problems and start moving towards solutions instead of complaining. Repeat over and over and people will eventually follow you.

I’ve never met a successful leader who spent time complaining.

We all have negative moments, but the only difference between leaders and followers is that leaders decide that they’re going to solve the problem instead of just complaining about it.

Here’s the other crazy thing about leadership:

Leaders don’t always solve problems themselves. The best ones rarely do.

Leaders build people up so they can solve problems. Control freaks try to solve everyone’s problems for them.

But you can’t do any of that if you’re complaining.

Whenever you complain, remember: there are people waiting eagerly for someone to help them solve the problems they’re facing.

Leaders simply decide to be that person for them.

There’s nothing magical about it.