Why Prioritization Is The Key to a Happy and Fulfilled Life

You don’t have to “do better” to have a better life.

If you’re struggling, you don’t need to start fixing things. Instead, consider this…

The order of your priorities is the leading indicator of a peaceful and fulfilled life.

Every time you decide to do something, you’re deciding to not to something else.

Doing less important things when you should be doing what you decided was more important is the same thing as deciding that those things are no longer important.

You can claim that something is important to you, but your actions are like little votes of approval going towards the things you choose to spend time doing.

Priorities aren’t determined by your intentions, they’re determined by your actions.

Taking a look at what your actions are saying is most important to you might be the eye-opening experience you need to see why your life feels the way it does.

To see how your life’s priorities are looking, try this tool.