Is Self Help Actually Helpful?

We live in a world full of self-help gurus and products. But are they actually helpful? Do the vast amount of materials, voices, products, and services telling us how to be better and do better actually cause us to live better? In the off chance that you haven’t noticed, American society is very much a …

Why Most Doubts About God are Emotional, Not Intellectual

If we’re being honest, we would all admit that we have doubts about God to some degree or another. But doubts aren’t bad, and they aren’t a sin. They can actually be beneficial if we address them properly. The only way to do that is to understand where our doubts come from in the first place – and it isn’t typically what you think.

Doubting God: Why Struggling Faith is Real Faith

Have you ever dealt with doubting God? Most Christians have. In fact, one study found that two-thirds of Christians have questioned what they believe about religion or God. So doubt isn’t weird. And it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Is the Bible Fiction? Or is the Bible the Word of God?

For the first time in history, human beings have gathered enough information from the natural world around them to be able to actually challenge the Bible’s wisdom. Now we find ourselves asking, “Is the Bible fiction or is the Bible the word of God?”